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Air purifiers

Breathing clean and purified air is what our air purifiers always offer you. You can buy different types of air purifiers for every type of room. Within our range you will even find an air purifier with HEPA filter that is also a Bluetooh speaker and wireless smartphone charger.

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Improve Your Quality of Life with an Air Purifier

The best air purifiers keep your home feeling fresh by filtering and deodorising the air. To do this, they remove particles of pollen, pollution and dust, creating a healthier, more pleasant environment. Air conditioning units are designed with a series of fans inside, these pull the air in, trap unwanted particles and then circulate cleaner air back into the home. If you leave a filter to work throughout the day, this process will continue and the air will be refreshed several times.

Why is a Purifier So Important for Good Air Quality?

We may take the air we breathe for granted, but of course, it’s essential for our survival. If you’re already careful about what you eat and drink, then considering the quality of the air you breathe at home is the next step. Unfortunately, there are many different types of irritants in the air, some natural and some manmade. From pollen to pollution and mould spores, they present a minor annoyance to some and a more significant respiratory risk to others. A good purifier will remove these and other toxins by containing them inside a filter, in doing so they support better health and freer breathing. Furthermore, our air purifiers include bluetooth speakers so that not only clean, purified air fills your home, but also music. Although if you are a lover of more traditional music, we have an extensive collection of vinyl records for you to enjoy music in the most nostalgic way.

The Difference Between Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers and Air Purifiers

Although these units often look similar, the job of each is very different. Humidifiers are designed to bring the atmosphere in a room up to a comfortable level. They can be especially useful in winter when heated air is used to warm up a home, as this creates an especially dry environment. In contrast, dehumidifiers​ remove moisture from the atmosphere, helping to prevent problems associated with damp air such as condensation and mould.

Reasons People Choose to Buy an Air Purifier in the UK

They can make a room feel fresher, without affecting the temperature and that’s a great reason to have one in your home, but why else do people buy them?​

  • They have just had a baby and want the air in their newborn’s room to feel fresh. A good quality filter can also help to remove bacteria and many are surprisingly quiet.
  • They Suffer from asthma. The right type of filter can remove allergens and other particles which are known to trigger asthma attacks.
  • They live with someone who smokes. A suitable filter can help to absorb the smell of tobacco smoke.
  • They have hay fever. Grass, weed and tree pollen are some of the most common causes of hayfever, but these irritants can be removed from the air using a filter that's combined with a powerful fan.

Where to Position a Purifier in the Home

Positioning an air purifier in UK homes is easy no matter how large or small the space. In our online store, you’ll see a collection of units that are sleek and contemporary-looking. They are capable of working efficiently whilst blending well in the home and remaining unobtrusively quiet. When it comes to choosing a spot for a new portable air conditioner you don't have to choose just one location, as they can be moved around as often as you wish.However, they will have the most impact in rooms where the air quality is poorest. Choose the bedroom if that is where you are most troubled by your allergies, or if your asthma keeps you awake. Alternatively, choose the living room if that is affected by cooking odours and you would like to nurture a fresher, more pleasant environment.