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The new THERA RETRO Espresso Coffee Machine  from IKOHS prepares traditional aromatic coffee. Enjoy that perfect cup of coffee every day at the touch of a button. Live like a barista with the new THERA, 15ba of pressure placed at your service as it extracts every ounce of flavour and aromas. Have an Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano or prepare hot milk or water for your favorite tea whenever you want.

* To remove and exchange the coffee filters from the holder, it is necessary to match the grooves on the inside of the filters with the grooves on the front of the filter holder.


All the fragrances and flavours. The vintage style THERA Espresso Coffee Machine  works with a pressure pump of 15 bars and 1100W of power. Including an adjustable  frother with a protective plastic for moving: foam, heats water and other liquids. Exclusive portafilter design with double spout, prepares one or two coffees at the same time.

A great espresso experience and tradition. It is completely suitable with ground coffee and ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) single-shot. It also has a 1.25 litre removable water tank and a cup-warming tray above. With all the embellishments and elegance of your every day coffee machine, its easy-to-clean removable drip tray and safety valve with automatic pressure release makes it a completely modern coffee machine.

Traditional aromas. Making that perfect coffee isn´t always easy. There are several factors to consider: adequate pressure, temperature, grinding, etc. However, the new THERA has been designed for just that. So that you can just relax enjoying the fresh coffee.

All the coffee goodness. Just like the finest coffees in the world, the new THERA Espresso Coffee Machine from IKOHS, prepares coffee with all the traditional aromas. Enjoy that perfect cup of coffee every day at the touch of a button and live like a barista.