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Sonic Pearl Ultrasonic Vibration Electric Toothbrush. With 5 cleaning modes that adapt to your specific needs for oral hygiene. It comes in a practical compact carrying case and includes a stand and charging base.


Its 5 dental cleaning programs: Cleaning, Whitening, Polishing, Massage and Sensitive, achieve professional oral hygiene results.

48000 vibrations per minute at maximum power brush your teeth comfortably and effectively, thanks to the help of sonic vibration, obtaining optimal results.

Its fully charged Lithium battery gives it a durability of 6 weeks, so you don't have to worry about recharging it every day.

Auto-shutdown system after 2 minutes of use , more than enough time for an ultrasonic vibration brush to achieve high cleaning efficiency.

Sonic vibration has been shown to remove much more plaque than conventional brushing . In addition, this same vibration stimulates the blood supply to your gums, promoting an improvement in health and a strengthening of them.

It is ergonomic and easy to handle, its heads are interchangeable and it comes with a perfect case to store it with comfort and hygiene.