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IKOHS presents the EXIGES Bathroom Scale without batteries, pure genious. The first digital bathroom scale without batteries. Just press the central button of the bathroom scale with your foot and a small coil will do the rest. Extend the life of your scale to infinity. Sustainable technology that takes care of you and the planet. Available in two colors, it is a perfect tool for personal care and health control of the whole family.


Say goodbye to batteries. An essential in any home, with the new IKOHS EXIGES bathroom scale you can maintain accurate control of your health and physical well-being through your weight. Its German technology sensor makes it a reliable precision scale, thanks to the One Quick system that transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy to turn on its sensors.

Lightweight, rugged and very practical, the new IKOHS scale does not need any batteries so it will always be ready when you need to use it. Its operation is simple, it has automatic shutdown, automatic reset (to zero) and overload indication. Its backlit LCD screen will show you your real weight without further complications, it's all you need to control and maintain your daily health and wellness standards.