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Comfortable and silent heating. WARM SLIM 2000 is an ultra-thin electric radiator and convector. With 2000W of heating that you can use through its APP via Wifi. It does not emit noise, it efficiently heats rooms of up to 30m² and you can leave it on its feet or hang it on the wall thanks to an ultra-thin design.

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Fast and efficient heating: Heats rooms of up to 30m² thanks to the direct heat transmission of its Aluminum resistance plates and the convection of hot air.

Ultra-thin design - Designed for wall-hanging installation, making better use of heat convection. But it also comes with legs, in case you prefer to change rooms.

Programmable and easy to use: from your remote control or from anywhere and at any time via Wifi, so when you get home you will feel the real warmth of a home.

Efficiency and safety: 24/7 timer, thermostat, two power modes (1000W and 2000W) and various safety systems such as rollover shutdown or the overheat system.