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Introducing NETBOT LASER LS23 ENDURANCE, the most versatile and efficient laser vacuum cleaner on the market, a smart scrubbing robot that takes cleaning your home to the next level. Its 3D Mapping System laser navigation technology allows it to recognize every centimeter of surface accurately, optimizing all its resources and features, to take care of your home as you have never imagined. Vacuum, sweep, mop, scrub and purify the air, cleaning functions that offer you a true solution for the future for your present needs in the care of your home. Thanks to its WIFI connectivity it will be at your service 24 hours a day since you can connect it remotely through its APP. 5200mAh Infinity Batt Li-Ion battery that provides an autonomy of up to 160 min (200m approx.) Increases the time between cleanings thanks to the capacity of its 600ml dust container. INCLUDES: 2 mops, 1 HEPA filter, 4 side brushes, central roller, cleaning brush, charging base, water tank and dust tank.

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NETBOT LASER LS23 ENDURANCE, laser technology for daily cleaning. 

A floor-cleaning vacuum-cleaner robot with a smart laser-guided navigation system—3D Mapping System. Using the app, you can programme it whenever you need to because it is designed for taking control of the robot whenever and wherever you are. NETBOT LASER LS23 ENDURANCE stands out from other cleaning robots because it is capable of effectively mapping while it cleans and can turn in a circle so it can cover 100% of the surface while avoiding collisions and falls. Using the app, you can see where the robot has cleaned and then order it to clean the remaining areas. It’s that easy, and thanks to the latest WiFi system all its functions and features will be ready to clean on your command.

NETBOT LASER LS23 ENDURANCE shows you in real time in its app: the mapping, the already cleaned area and the remaining battery.

COMPLETE WORK CONTROL: Use the Android or iOS app for complete remote control of the robot via WiFi. With several cleaning programmes and controls: automatic, spot, cleaning area, forbidden area, power, find robot, etc.

3D MAPPING SYSTEM: Navigation and 3D laser mapping technology to thoroughly clean your home. This technology means it can retain a history of the cleaning it has carried out to ensure it does not repeat the same area and does not waste time.

LASER NAVIGATION: Smart navigation sensors guided by lasers and ultrasound, which leads to a much more efficient and complete clean of all surfaces, and means it can go over obstacles that are 2 cm high.

SELECT AREA: Select the areas of your home you want the robot to clean. By setting parameters, you can deny the robot access to certain areas and NETBOT LASER LS23 ENDURANCE will carry out its task.

ANIMAL CARE: Brush made from two materials and two types of bristles, which means it can effectively vacuum the hairs our pets leave around. Clean without damaging the most delicate surfaces such as parquet and wood.

CLEAN AIR: HEPA filter + mop composed of electrostatic microfibre. Together, these two eliminate 99% of allergens, dust mites and pollen from the air. NETBOT LASAER LS23 ENDURANCE purifies the air while cleaning and vacuuming, cleaning the air in your home.

SUBNOISE SYSTEM: Silent cleaning technology without losing power, reducing the sound level to below 65 dB. It also includes an option to turn of the robot’s voice, making it even quieter.

SUCTION PRO: A suction power system which has three speeds, reaching up to 2300 Pa in Turbo mode. This power, combined with the work of the brushes, moves the dirt towards the suction mouth.

INFINITY WORKS: Infinity Batt 5200mAh lithium-ion battery, which provides 160 minutes of autonomy (approx. 200m2). Increase the time between cleans thanks to the 600 ml dust tank.

JET WATER: Three different water levels for cleaning any type of floor you need to be cleaned: ceramic, wood, stone, etc. The floor-cleaning laser robot also has the option of mopping without scrubbing.