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Spare parts pack for your Netbot S18 consisting of: 4 side brushes (2 right and 2 left), 1 rotating central brush, 2 HEPA filters and 4 interlaced microfiber mops. This pack is designed to be able to replace or replace the most important accessories of your smart robot vacuum cleaner whenever you need it.


4 x Side brushes: Essential to attract dust and dirt from the floor towards the central brush to be absorbed by the robot.

1 x Rotating central brush: Specially designed to catch both dirt particles from the floor and the hair of your pets.

2 x HEPA Filters: These filters made up of a randomly arranged mesh of fibers and mocrofiber glass prevent the passage of contaminating dust particles, germs, mites and pollen.

4 x Interlocking Microfiber Mops: Feature an electrostatic charge to trap even the smallest dust particles.