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Nebulizer fan with remote control. It sprays microparticles of fresh water while ventilating and generates a nebulizing, humidifying and regenerating effect of the environment. It is also oscillating, adjustable and easy to transport thanks to its multidirectional wheels.


Discover a new way of air conditioning with TROPWIND COOL by IKOHS, the nebulizer and oscillating fan with remote control that generates a smooth atmosphere of water mist while ventilating.

Thanks to the UltraSonic TechMist system, TROPWIND COOL is able to reproduce the feeling you would have when receiving a gentle breeze from the sea, generating more fresh and perfectly ventilated spaces where you can relax quietly.

Equipped with a 100% Sly Copper motor of 90W, efficient, rugged and durable, TROPWIND COOL can oscillate in any of its 3 speeds and air conditioning modes, which you can operate from its convenient remote control .

With a comprehensive safety system for total relaxation, it features Class II engine safety, safety grille, semi-soft material blades, and a sturdy and stable base to prevent overturning.

In addition, the TROPWIND COOL oscillating nebulizer fan has a timer of up to 7.5h and a water tank with capacity for 3.4L so you can enjoy the pleasant ventilation it generates for longer.

Designed to be extremely quiet thanks to the SubNoise System, you can avoid heat, dry and stale spaces without annoying noises or expensive facilities. Start enjoying whenever you need the relaxing experience of TROPWIND COOL.