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Hair removal and personal care set for the skin, with 5 interchangeable heads and their accessories. From hair removal to body exfoliation to a relaxing massager, each and every one of them is respectful to your skin.

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Hair removal and skin care set that keeps your skin cared for longer. Resistant to water (waterproof) and with an autonomy of 45 minutes, it is a multifunction epilator for the daily treatment of different areas of your body.

XL epilation head: Captures even the shortest fine hairs. Its wide surface allows you to cover larger areas in a single pass, thus reducing epilation time.

It has four accessories: one for contact with the skin, another for delicate areas, a massager accessory that stimulates the area while waxing and a guide to stretch the skin.

Shaving head: for more delicate areas, this head allows a close shave, but without irritation, respectful of your skin.

Exfoliating Brush: The exfoliating brush removes dead skin cells for smoother skin. Using it 24 hours before waxing helps prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Massage head: Relaxes and stimulates blood circulation, achieving a more luminous skin. Indicated to stimulate the muscles (especially of the back and extremities), it is not for facial use.

Pedicure head: File calluses, hardness and roughness and show off your feet thanks to this electronic file.