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With a design reminiscent of nature and 3 speeds that generate a constant and pleasant air flow to provide you with the necessary ventilation at all times. Its exclusive design is ultra quiet and efficient. In addition, you can choose between a natural or dark wood finish since its blades are reversible. Control it comfortably with its remote control and programmable timer up to 8 hours. You can add dimmable warm, neutral or cool light to it with the LED light and accent shade set, sold separately. This fan model comes with two 15cm and 25cm support bars, so you can place it at a greater or lesser distance from the ceiling, as it suits you.

Color motor:

Blade colour: Natural wood

Model: Without light

3 speeds
153*12mm copper AC motor, even more efficient featureenergy cost ratio. With airflow for the 3 speeds of 90, 136 and 200 CFM, operating at 87, 137 and 200 rpm respectively.
Lightweight, with an aluminium body and ultra-light wooden blades for silent operation. You can instal it in your bedroom and use it while you sleep.
Programmable from 1 to 8h
It has a remote control and programmable 1-to-8-hour timer.
Reversible blades
It has reversible blades in natural wood and dark wood color.
107 cm in diameter
Its 107cm diameter generates a constant airflow in rooms of up to 15 m2.
41 cm tall
With a distance of 28 cm from the roof it fits well in any room.


3 speeds to choose from.

Lightweight, with an aluminum body and ultralight and reversible wooden blades inspired by the shapes and aerodynamics of nature, which promote silent operation.

Ultra Silent, you can install it in the bedroom and use it while you sleep.

Programmable and intuitive: It has a remote control and a programmable timer from 1 to 8 hours.

Repels flying insects, avoids the annoyances of flies during the day and mosquitoes at night.

AC 153 * 12mm motor, even more efficient in the performance-energy consumption ratio. With an air flow for all three speeds of 100, 150 and 190 CFM, operating at 180, 216 and 230 rpm respectively.

Generates an environment of comfort: Projects and distributes the air evenly so that you can fully enjoy the freshness and well-being it generates.

Option to add light to your ceiling fan: With three color temperatures that you can alternate (warm, neutral or cold).