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AIR MIST  - Oscillating nebulizer ultrasilent fan

Combine a fan with a humidifier

You can use them together or separately. Joint use is especially recommended for dry climates, as humidity greatly helps to refresh the atmosphere.

AIR MIST  - Oscillating nebulizer ultrasilent fan

The nebuliser uses ultrasonic vibration

It creates cold water vapour with molecules of 1 to 5 microns. This is how it creates refreshing and ventilated spaces, recreating wind and humidity conditions in 2 ultra-silent modes:

1. Sleep mode mimics a fluctuating breeze, alternating approximately every 10 seconds at a very low fan speed.

2. Natural mode recreates the natural wind and humidity conditions of an open space, continuously alternating a strong airflow with a soft one.

AIR MIST  - Oscillating nebulizer ultrasilent fan

Its three speeds also produce varying wind flows

It has a 3.4-litre tank, a control panel and a remote control, which you can use to control any of its settings. You can use it to control the 80° lateral oscillation, the nebulisation, or the timer from 1 hour to 7.5 hours.

AIR MIST  - Oscillating nebulizer ultrasilent fan

Multi-directional wheels

Its multi-directional wheels make it easier to move around, and it has an integrated safety system made up of: a safety grille, semi-soft plastic blades and a robust anti-tilt base.

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