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Increase versatility and improve cleaning and vacuuming results, with this accessory pack of silicone brushes compatible with your NETBOT S15 2.0 smart scrubbing robot vacuum cleaner with a new APP. Designed to exchange the side brushes or the rotating central brush that already come with your robot for silicone ones. Thus adapting to all types of soils
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1 X NETBOT S15 2.0 with new APP : Clean and take care of your home effortlessly with the new NETBOT S15 2.0 smart robot vacuum cleaner. An intelligent robot that thanks to its innovative SmartGYROSCOPE technology works optimally compared to other robot vacuum cleaners, since it maps while cleaning and thus leaves your home perfect and sparkling. Thanks to its modern design and incredible features, the NETBOT S15 2.0 round vacuum cleaner becomes the perfect solution to keep your spaces clean and pleasant, a robot mop that offers up to 5 cleaning modes. In addition, you can easily program it from its intuitive NEW APP thanks to its WIFI compatible with ALEXA and Google HOME, or from its comfortable and practical remote control. Cleaning robot that INCLUDES: 2 mops, 2 HEPA filters, 4 side brushes, remote control, central roller, cleaning brush, magnetic tape and charging base.

1 X 2 Silicone side brushes: consisting of 1 left side brush and 1 right side brush. Each side brush is made up of 3 silicone brushes, allowing a greater reach of corners and edges. Sweeps dirt, dust, hair and debris towards the center of the robot cleaner, thus allowing it to be vacuumed and leaving the entire surface clean. It is very easy to replace and is part of maintaining our smart robot in good condition.

1 X Silicone Rotating Center Brush: This rotating center brush is specifically designed with the PETCare system, which allows it to collect the hairs of our pets. The rotating central brush is made of silicone that does not damage or scratch any type of floor, and effectively removes dirt. It is very practical, resistant and durable. It is easily replaced when the time comes, and you can exchange it for the conventional 2-material brush whenever you need it.

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