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Breakfast is served! We've paired our retro design TOAST STYLANCE S toaster with its matching KETTLE RETRO STYLANCE M kettle to get your day off to a good start. Fill your kitchen with color and style while preparing a delicious breakfast or snack in minutes. You'll want the collection in every color.
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Colour: Black


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1 x RETRO STYLANCE M KETTLE : Retro style kettle, get 1 liter of boiling water in just 3min. You can also keep it warm and thus, at any time, be able to enjoy a tea, a tisane or a comforting consommé. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it does not leave strange odors or flavors, and of course it is free of toxins such as BPA, so you will only obtain all the purity of your favorite infusions.

1 x TOAST RETRO STYLANCE S : Retro-style toaster with 2 short slots for medium/wide slices of bread. Very practical, safe, easy to use and above all with a vintage style that decorates our kitchen. This electric toaster has 6 different levels of toasting, available in various colors.