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Made of high quality food stainless steel, this kettle has a self-extinguishing safety system and temperature control in different degrees. Boil or keep the water hot so that at any time you can enjoy all the purity of your favorite infusions, or also to add hot water to your instant noodles or consommés.
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Heats up and maintains the temperature.
0.5L-capacity kettle that brings the water to boiling point in just a few minutes, keeping it at the selected temperature thanks to its thermostat.
Avant-garde style
Avant-garde style mini water boiler to always have boiling water ready for your infusions and consommés or even for your pot noodles.
Digital screen
A small digital screen shows you the progress and temperature of the water and lets you know when it reaches the desired temperature.
Resistant materials
Manufactured in high quality stainless steel for use with foodstuffs, leaves no strange odours and, of course, free of toxins like BPA.
Compact design
Automatic switch off in case it runs out of water, a stable base with a digital screen that shows the water temperature and a compact design to not take up extra space in your kitchen.


Heats and maintains the temperature: It allows you to heat the water to different temperatures in a few minutes, and monitor progress through its digital screen, which also alerts you when it reaches the desired temperature, and maintains the heat. With an elegant Japanese aesthetic, it gives a very decorative touch to your home.

Decorative design : elegant, compact, ergonomic, and with an oriental style. Once the water is heated, you can remove the kettle from its base and use it directly as if it were a teapot with a Japanese aesthetic.

Small: With a 500ml tank, it is perfect for one or two people. It can be placed anywhere in the house as it is so decorative and minimalist.

Automatic shutdown in case of running out of water.

Respectful with your health and the environment: All its parts and accessories are free of BPA and other toxins