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DRYZONE - Mini Dehumidifier 500ml

Breathe better

Perfect for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems as it substantially improves air quality, removing allergens and dust.

DRYZONE - Mini Dehumidifier 500ml

It reduces ambient humidity by up to 80% in 24 hours

It collects up to 250ml, especially in settings with a high relative humidity and temperatures between 12°C and 40°C.

DRYZONE - Mini Dehumidifier 500ml

Peltier System

It condenses the humidity in its tank through a thermoelectric cooling system, which does not need gas to refrigerate or condense humidity.

DRYZONE - Mini Dehumidifier 500ml

Ultra-silent and easy to use

You only need to switch it on and empty the tank when it lets you know it's full. 500ml tank.

DRYZONE - Mini Dehumidifier 500ml

Small and easy to handle

Available in two colours. It reduces or removes the humidity in small spaces such as changing rooms, bathrooms, storerooms, bedrooms and large cupboards.

DRYZONE - Mini Dehumidifier 500ml

Automatic switch-off system

Features an LED light which lets you know when the tank is full or not properly connected. Reduces energy costs by reducing atmospheric ambient.

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