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Mini fridge and portable thermos of retro design, with cable for connection in vehicles. Chill or heat as needed, from food and beverages, to your beauty products such as serum, toners, creams, etc.

Available from 14/02/2023

Colour: Pastel green


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£ 99.95
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Fridge Mini Box
Your mini fridge for everything
It offers both cold and heat functions. With this portable mini fridge, you can chill drinks and beauty products or keep food hot when going on a picnic.
Fridge Mini Box
Cosmetics in a mini fridge?
The cold can help enhance the effect of your beauty products. Creams, serums and tonics contract your blood vessels when they are cold, thereby obtaining a more refined and smoother skin and even reducing puffy eyes.
Fridge Mini Box
Portable mini fridge
Take it with you wherever you go. It comes with a cable for plugging it in to a vehicle so you can take it with you on your trips and keep your drinks cold or hot. It also includes another cable for plugging it in at home or work. Modern design with a retro look.
Fridge Mini Box
Retro design
The 1950s fridge look in pastel colours makes it stand out from other mini fridges for cosmetics. Furthermore, the compact yet spacious design (4L capacity) will let you store all your beauty products with ease.
Fridge Mini Box
Environmentally friendly
This mini fridge/thermos cools and heats without needing to use CFC gases or chemical products that harm the environment. So you can look after yourself while also looking after the planet.


Hot and cold function . Our mini fridge has the capacity to both cool and heat, which allows you to cover all your needs. From chilling drinks and your beauty products, to keeping food warm when you go on a picnic.

The cold temperature helps to enhance the effect of your beauty products , such as creams, serums and toners. constricts blood vessels obtaining a more refined and smoother complexion and even reducing dark circles.

The retro design of the 50s brings a vintage touch to your home, so you don't have to give up on style.

Compact but spacious , so you can store it in any corner without taking up too much space. In addition, its 4L capacity will allow you to store all your beauty products.

Respectful of the environment and the ozone layer . Our refrigerator does not use CFC gas, because we care about the planet.

Take it with you, it includes a cable to connect in the car, so you can take it on your trips and keep your drinks cold or hot, and another for the home or work center where you want to place it.