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WARM BOX - Room Ceramic Heater 1500W

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic heater

Made of small ceramic plates that quickly heat up and self-regulate so as not to waste energy. PTC ceramic heaters represent the best commitment to a sustainable energy future because they heat up quickly while using little energy and their materials are more resistant and durable.

WARM BOX - Room Ceramic Heater 1500W

Double safety system

The heater turns itself off automatically thanks to its anti-overheating and roll-over safety systems.

WARM BOX - Room Ceramic Heater 1500W

Adjust its settings

You can choose between fan only, ECO heating and COMFORT heating. It features an adjustable thermostat that is especially energy efficient and low-consumption

WARM BOX - Room Ceramic Heater 1500W

Lightweight, transportable and available in various colours

It is lightweight and portable so it can heat the room it's in very quickly.

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