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Increases energy efficiency with the summer/winter function

By changing the direction of rotation of the blades, this reduces the temperature of the room by up to 5°C in summer and redistributes the hot air accumulated at the ceiling in winter.

In summer
Windlight Helix
In winter
Windlight Helix


WIND HELIX - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø112 cm

6-speed copper DC motor

Its more efficient and durable motor can rotate at 6 speeds, generating different air flows so you can choose the option that best suits you at all times.

WIND HELIX - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø112 cm

Elegant and modern

Ceiling fan inspired by elegant and modern aeronautical propellers. With a silent and low-consumption 40 W DC motor, it’s the perfect option for bedrooms to ensure you can enjoy a noiseless night's sleep in a comfortable climate.

WIND HELIX - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø112 cm

Full control and programmable timer

You can do everything with the remote control, such as programming the timer from 1 h to 8 h so that the fan turns off automatically after the selected time has elapsed.

WIND HELIX - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø112 cm

Ceiling fan with 3 light temperatures

If you choose to buy the ceiling fan with light, you can change between the three colour temperatures of its 15W LED — warm, neutral or cold — and create the environment you prefer. The light intensity is not adjustable.

WIND HELIX - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø112 cm

With double selectable height

This fan model includes 2 supporting bars measuring 15 cm and 25 cm so you can place it at the most convenient distance from the ceiling. It also includes a user manual and an assembly manual.

WIND HELIX - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø112 cm

Perfect for different rooms within the home

With a diameter of 112 cm, this ceiling fan is perfect for ventilating and acclimatising various interior spaces in the home of approximately 13 m² to 25 m² in size.

WIND HELIX - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø112 cm

Choose from various colours and finishes

Choose your favourite colour for the motor and blades. The materials are top quality, such as steel, high-density aluminium or natural wood blades in different shades and colours.

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