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Increases energy efficiency with the summer/winter function

By changing the direction of blade rotation, when in summer mode it moves fresh air from the floor upwards, dissipating heat and cooling the room. When in winter mode, it evenly distributes heat from the heating accumulated near the ceiling.

In summer
In winter


WIND CALM - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

A smart ceiling fan

Choose the WiFi option when purchasing and you’ll get a SMART fan. You’ll be able to control and program it with your mobile phone from anywhere thanks to our CREATE app.

WIND CALM - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

6-speed copper DC motor

Its more efficient and durable motor can rotate at 6 speeds, generating different air flows so you can choose the option that best suits you at all times.

WIND CALM - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

Silent ceiling fan

You can even install it in a bedroom as its ultra-light blades, which are very close to the DC motor, make hardly any noise. All you’ll notice is the relaxing atmosphere it creates.

WIND CALM - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

Full control and programmable timer

You can do everything with the remote control, such as programming the timer from 1 h to 8 h so that the fan turns off automatically after the selected time has elapsed.

WIND CALM - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

Ceiling fan with dimmer light

If you choose to buy the ceiling fan with a light, you’ll be able to regulate the intensity of the three colour temperatures of its 15 W LED — warm, neutral or cool — and create the atmosphere you're looking for.

WIND CALM - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

Perfect for different rooms within the home

With a diameter of 132 cm, this ceiling fan is perfect for ventilating and acclimatising various interior spaces in the home of approximately 13 m² to 25 m² in size.

WIND CALM - Silent 40W ceiling fan Ø132 cm

Several colours and finishes

Choose your favourite colour for the motor and blades. The materials are top quality, such as steel, high-density aluminium or natural wood blades in different shades and colours.

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