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Combine our FULLMIX PROTOOL ADVANCE with the BLENDY FRESH & Go Multifunction Portable Tumbler! Designed specifically to fit seamlessly with this hand mixer. With this pack, prepare Smoothie shakes, soups, baby food, creams and much more. and taking them chilled with you is easier than ever. Beach, gym, office, any place is perfect for you to maintain your healthy routines thanks to this wonderful pack thought and designed by CREATE . In addition, FULLMIX PROTOOL ADVANCE comes with its own entourage of complements and accessories, and now you will also have a wonderful refrigerated portable glass to take all your preparations with you anywhere, better preserving all its nutritional properties, in addition to all its flavor and freshness .

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- 1 x FULLMIX PROTOOL ADVANCE: Always at the forefront of the latest technology. A true power aid that, through its UltraSlice system motor, allows a faster, finer and more homogeneous mixture of food, obtaining the right texture for each recipe. In addition, the resistant titanium-coated stainless steel blades have an innovative design that, due to their angle of placement, guarantees optimal results and a long life for your mixer even after daily use. Capable of crushing to ice (both the blender blades and the chopper's special blades) , its extra-long handle and anti-splash hood together with its ergonomic design and soft grip coating mean that, at the push of a button, you have the whole kitchen in your hand.

- 1 X Blendy Fresh & Go !: A smoothie glass thought and designed to fit your hand mixer and prepare a delicious Smoothie shake in an instant . It incorporates a supplementary tank to keep your shake cold when you take it with you, preventing vitamins and minerals from being lost. It is very practical and easy to use: introduce the ingredients, fix the adapter for the mixer and blend at the desired power. Ready to consume or transport , ideal to take to the gym, office, picnic, etc. A multi-function portable tumbler designed for healthy lifestyles.

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