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Meat mincer

Meat grinders are the perfect ally to prepare tasty recipes like a real pro. These are very versatile devices with which you can cut meat into small pieces, crush vegetables and even prepare sausages free of additives. Fresh and quality meat with our new line of meat mincers.

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A meat mincer is a small home kitchen appliance used to grind meat into a smooth, uniform soft mass without the need of any other accessory. It is also a kitchen appliance for fine chopping, mixing raw or cooked meat, vegetable, fish or similar food. A meat grinder is often used by those who make their own meat ingredients for their sausages. A meat mincer machine is a clean, effective and safe way of obtaining minced meat. With this machine, you will no longer need to put yourself in harm's way by using sharp objects such as knives to grind your fresh meat. Being a tool commonly used by butchers, anyone can use a meat mincer machine at home. You can also use this machine to grind other ingredients such as seasonings to spice up the taste in the foods you are preparing. 

Types of Meat Mincers

The market offers a wide range of different mincers that include the following:

  • Manual mincers: They have a crank which you have to turn in order for the meat to pass through and be ground. The advantage of the manual grinder is that it is much more ecological since it does not consume electricity. It processes relatively small meat quantities. Washing is easier because it contains no circuits.
  • Electric mincers: The electric mincer is complex in design and more comfortable ensuring that the driving force of crushing is constant and its result comes out perfect. It is the most common type you will come across these days. You will have three blade types; coarse, fine and medium. You will achieve the same results with just the push of a button. An electric mincer produces higher food volumes with an ease and minimal amount of effort, unlike the manual which needs to be operated by hand. Most electric grinders can also grind small animal bones such as rabbits, chicken, etc.

How a meat mincer works

Grinding meat becomes a piece of cake once you have the grinding machine in your kitchen. The mincer gives your meat a softer texture allowing you to use it in a variety of dishes. This task is safe and faster since this machine is well suited for this purpose. Nothing can be compared to the freshly prepared meat, seasoned in your own unique way. The meat mincer machine is the best way to process your meat and is simple to operate. All you need to do is: Choose your speed and setting, feed meat chunks into your machine and push it down with the food pusher. Your minced meat will be ready through the other end.

Benefits of a home meat grinder

You will probably get yourself wondering about the benefits of using the machine. Fresher meat- buying your minced meat from butchers and supermarkets does not give you a guarantee that the minced meat is fresh, since the meat will only be fresh to an extent. You might not know how long the meat remained in its original form before it was minced. By mincing your own meat, you guarantee freshness of the meat which improves taste and texture. Have knowledge of what is in your food- many people find themselves worrying about the additives and preservatives in their food, including fresh meat. You no longer have to worry about any harmful ingredients for by grinding your own meat, you can rest assured that nothing harmful is going into it. Creating own recipes- the best part about using a mincer at home is that you will be able to create your own unique recipes. You can also have the opportunity to experiment with different meat types.