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Keep your pet in perfect condition and well cared for with the new IKOHS smart dog and cat trough. Control AQUAPURE PETCARE and all its parameters from an app and via Wifi, your pet will always have fresh, clean and purified water even when you're not at home. With 3 operating modes, alarm system for detection of low or high water level and intelligent self-shutdown protection if there is a water leak, AQUAPURE PETCARE is an intelligent source of water for your small and medium-sized pets. In addition, thanks to the multiple filtration and water circulation system, SAFE & CLEAR purifies, disinfects and eliminates residual chlorine, heavy metals and dirt particles while increasing the oxygen level of the water. AQUAPURE PETCARE takes care and maintains adequate hydration for your pet to be healthier and full of vitality and energy.

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Take care of your small or medium-sized pets (up to 25 kg) with the new AQUAPURE PETCARE 2L smart drinking fountain from IKOHS and quench your faithful friend's thirst even when you are not at home from the APP via Wifi. You can programme, in any of its 3 modes, the times of the day when you want the drinker to turn on or off, which also has a notification system for detecting low water levels.

Thanks to its Safe & Clear 24-hour activated carbon multiple filtering system and UV water disinfection function, the IKOHS automatic drinker via Wifi intercepts impurities, fine particles, hairs or food debris, so your pet will always enjoy water in good condition and without odors.

AQUAPURE PETCARE's constant water circulation system also greatly increases the oxygen level of the water, having water in perfect condition will help keep the kidneys working and will decrease the risk of stone formation.

Easy to clean thanks to its design of simple, rounded shapes, without corners or spaces that are difficult to access, preventing the proliferation of fungi or bacteria. AQUAPURE PETCARE has a large capacity tank of more than 2 liters that covers the daily needs of your little and medium furry friends.

With intelligent automatic shutdown protection to avoid possible risks from water leaks and a non-slip base to prevent accidents. It is ultra-quiet thanks to the Subnoise System, so it does not scare your pet, who will only hear the sweet sound of moving water and will be encouraged to drink more frequently.

With the IKOHS Automatic Pet Fountain Drinker, your small or medium-sized dog or cat will always be cared for, and will be able to drink clean, fresh water even when you are working, traveling or just away from home.