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Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier and 2.2 liter essential oil diffuser. Humidifies 20/30 m2 spaces with its 3 humidifier modes. It has an automatic shut-off system when the water in the tank runs out, three light modes, a timer up to 8 hours and a top-loading water tank.


2.2 liter tank to humidify rooms between 20 and 30 m² and for 22 hours in a row.

Increase relative humidity up to 20% every hour.

3 humidification modes (High, Low and Sleep) to reduce the dryness of the environment in the most adequate and efficient way.

3 LED light modes (Soft, Bright and Off) to adapt to any space in your home.

Minimalist and elegant design.

Automatic shutdown in case the water in the tank runs out and another integrated self- protection security system.

Helps alleviate respiratory and allergy problems.