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Food preservation pack made up of the VACUUM SEALER vacuum sealer with 20 packaging bags to which are attached two vacuum packaging cans of 1 and 2.2L respectively. To pack and store any type of food: meat, fish, fruits or vegetables, nuts, seeds, broths, gazpachos, etc.


1 X VACUUM SEALER: Increase the time of preferential consumption of your food so you can store it and consume it when it suits you best. The vacuum atmosphere that it generates manages to eliminate the oxygen that causes oxidation of the food so that it maintains its nutritional and organoleptic properties for much longer. Includes 20 special bags for vacuum packaging, a sealing sponge that surrounds the sealing chamber and a flexible tube with universal sealing connector.

2 X Vacuum packaging jars : two 1L + 2.2L containers for vacuum packaging. Designed specifically to work with VACUUM SEALER, CREATE's electric vacuum sealer: Thanks to the hermetic vacuum closure you can increase the durability of food up to 6 times if you store it in the freezer, in oil, brine, while also maintaining the nutritional properties and organoleptic of the same. Practical, easy to use and clean.

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