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Dehumidifier of 10 liters per day with the capacity to eliminate humidity in spaces of up to 40 m2 and prevent the proliferation of mites and mold. It features a mirrored touch screen, 24-hour timer, security alert system, washable air filter, four wheels, and a carry handle.


2.5 liter tank with continuous drain port.

Breathe better: It is perfect for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems by substantially improving air quality, eliminating allergens and dust.

Ultra-quiet and easy to use.

Reduces ambient humidity by 80% in 24 hours.

Available in two colors: Reduces or eliminates humidity in rooms up to 40 m2.

Full tank alarm system and removable and washable air filter .

Environmental humidity, filling and temperature sensors: To be able to control and program it from its touch screen.

Multidirectional wheels and carrying handle.

Eco-friendly: It uses R290 refrigerant gas that does not affect the ozone layer.