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A pack thought and designed for lovers of good coffee, made at home. The THERA MATT PRO espresso machine and the MILL PRO electric coffee and spices grinder. A perfect combination to give a vintage touch to the kitchen, with the elegance and ornamentation of a traditional coffee maker and will allow you to enjoy the experience of drinking coffee as you like.


1 X THERA MATT PRO, Automatic espresso machine with milk tank to quickly make espresso, latte or cappuccino coffee. A retro-style coffee maker that, thanks to its 20 bar of real pressure, and with the push of a button, manages to extract all the aroma and flavor of your favorite coffee varieties. With integrated milk and water tanks, you get better results when frothing the milk in your preparations, and as they are removable, they are very easy to clean. In addition, it has a selection of the desired volume in any of its 3 pre-configured preparations.

1 X MILL PRO. New MILL PRO electric grinder, instantly prepares ground coffee and surprising mixes of spices, dry or hydrated foods. Its powerful 100% copper motor, grinds and crushes with precision in any of its 2 cups with titanium-coated stainless steel blades. Enjoy the flavor and aroma of a freshly ground coffee again, get in a moment a surprising salt of spices or a mince to add to your sauces, as well as guacamole, hummus, etc., there are many possibilities. Press its transparent lid for a few seconds and voila!

- Always use ground coffee from a natural roast, the mixed coffee is roasted with sugar and should not be used in this type of coffee maker as it ends up clogging the filters over time.
- You can use whole milk, skimmed milk or even vegetable milks. Finer and more consistent foam automatically, since you can select the level of foam.

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