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We present the new WARMIC ceramic heater with PTC heating technology. It is safer, more durable and highly efficient. It is a small heater with a lot of power. In a few seconds it will start giving off a pleasant heat with minimum consumption. It has two power modes, a controllable thermostat and a ventilation function. As well as being lightweight and portable. Also, the WARMIC has a double safety system to prevent overheating and tipping over, so all you have to do is enjoy the heat that it emits.


The new WARMIC room heater with ceramic heating technology is much more efficient and durable that conventional heaters and radiators. WARMIC is small, lightweight, portable, practical and has plenty of great features.

It has a controllable thermostat which means it is more energy efficient and cuts consumption. The WARMIC is capable of heating up in just a few seconds thanks to its PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and is made up of small ceramic tiles that heat up very quickly and regulate themselves to avoid wasting energy.

And for the best heating experience, the WARMIC ceramic room heater features a double safety system: the overheating and anti-tipping functions turn the WARMIC off in both cases.

The elegant design means the WARMIC can be placed anywhere in the home while also fulfilling its heating function. Adjust the settings: ventilation function, ECO and COMFORT power, and enjoy the heat and comfort level it provides.

PTC ceramic heaters such as the WARMIC from IKOHS represent the best commitment to a sustainable energy future because they quickly heat while using little energy and their materials are more resistant and durable.