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With a body made of aluminum and 6 speeds, it increases your energy efficiency all year round, cooling in summer and distributing the heat of the heating in winter. Its exclusive design inspired by aeronautical propellers, is ultra quiet and efficient. Control it comfortably with its remote control and programmable timer. You can customize this fan to your liking. Choose the color of its motor and its blades, if you want it without light or with light (selectable between warm, neutral and cold) as well as if you want it to include WiFi connectivity (see availability).

Engine colour: White

Blade colour: White

Model: With light

Control options: Remote control


6 speeds to choose from.

More elegant compact design: body with straight lines in a tubular shape, and wooden blades inspired by aeronautical propellers.

Lightweight, with an aluminum body and ultralight wooden blades inspired by aeronautical propellers, which promote silent operation.

Summer / winter function, or reverse function, which reverses the direction of rotation, and dissipates hot air in summer, or evenly distributes the heating heat in winter, which also saves energy.

Ultra Silent , you can install it in the bedroom and use it while you sleep.

Programmable and intuitive: It has a remote control and a programmable timer from 1 to 8 hours.

Repels flying insects , avoid the annoyances of flies during the day and mosquitoes at night.

DC 153 * 15mm copper motor , even more efficient in the performance-energy consumption ratio. With an airflow for all six speeds of 85, 110, 140, 170, 200 and 210 CFM, operating at 100, 136, 167, 193, 210 and 223 rpm respectively.

Reduce your energy consumption: It hardly consumes energy to keep the house cool in summer, and in winter it optimizes the energy generated by heating.

Option to add light to your ceiling fan: With three color temperatures that you can alternate (warm, neutral or cold).

Optional WiFi connectivity: To control your fan from your mobile phone through our APP even when you are not at home.