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Microwave oven that cooks your dishes in a healthy, fast and homogeneous way with any of its 5 functions or its 6 automatic menus. You can also schedule it to cook at a specific time. Compact and elegant design, made with resistant and durable materials.

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Cook and defrost : Thanks to multi-frequency cooking, the microwave knows how much heat and time to add depending on each food and its weight.
Programmable : Decide the cooking program and what time you want it to start so that the food will be waiting for you when you get home
5 functions according to the degree of power : low, to keep food warm; medium-low, to defrost; medium, for steaming; medium-high, for express cooking; and high for quick and thorough cooking.
6 programs or menus pre-installed and combinable with others.
Made with top quality materials , in aluminum, stainless steel and ceramic.
With a glass window to control the cooking process when in operation .
Easy to use : Intuitive and analog, it is programmed with 8 buttons and a rotary regulator button, which shows the chosen time and program on the screen.
Prevents the mixture of odors and flavors : With a coating of antibacterial ceramic alloy of low porosity that prevents the mixture of flavors and odors.
Easy to clean : Its smooth design allows it to be cleaned with just a wipe.