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170bar (1.2Mpa) pressure washer, with a 2200W stainless steel 3-axis piston motor, which propels a jet of water of 7.5 L / min and up to 50 ° C. A pressure washer for outdoors and vehicles to easily and professionally clean stubborn dirt from multiple surfaces.


Pressure washer for exteriors and vehicles . 2200W of power that manages to develop a water jet under pressure of 170bar (1.2MPa) with a constant flow of 7.5L / min (450L / h).

3-axis piston and swash plate motor , it has a reinforced stainless steel plunger that does not expand with pressure changes, making it much more resistant and durable.

Quick self-restart from the trigger (start / stop). The water can reach 50 ° C which, by combining the pressure with the water temperature, we achieve optimal cleaning results on multiple surfaces.

Includes 5 specific accessories for efficient cleaning:

A flat lance with adjustable pressure nozzle and soap selector . Removes and descales dirt in a controlled way without damaging surfaces. Especially useful for professional vehicle cleaning.

Round brush for bodywork: its bristles do not damage or scratch the surface of vehicles, but they can easily remove accumulated dirt.

Brush for wheels, tires and hard-to-reach areas: Much easier and more comfortable to clean the rims of your car. You can also use it on objects or surfaces that require greater cleaning precision.

Floor brush: rotary, double speed and pressure, and with splash guard. It removes the most difficult dirt from all types of floors and is easily handled like a mop, but with all the cleaning power of pressure water.

Soap bottle: it fits perfectly to the lance for when the surface also requires the use of soaps. Generates a dense lather for efficient cleaning with professional results.

Quick connect accessories. With one click you can easily change them. In addition, it is reliable and safe, since it has a total stop safety system due to thermal cut-off and a trigger lock.

It comes mounted on a crank cart for convenient hose pickup and extension. Its total action radius is 13 meters.