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Pack consisting of the FRYER AIR PRO 3.5L oil-free air fryer and the following accessories: Small pizza base, a grill rack with 3 skewers, a pot-type container for baking, silicone trivets and a spray-type spray bottle for oil. Increase the versatility of your oil-free air fryer and cook easier and healthier.


1 X FRYER AIR PRO 3.5L: Hot air fryer that allows you to fry without oil obtaining an equally crispy result in a clean, healthy and smoke-free way. You can use it for baking. With capacity for about 4 servings. Set the temperature and cooking time on its LCD screen, or use one of its eight pre-installed programs to cook potatoes, ribs, fish, shrimp, chicken, cakes, chicken thighs and bread.

Spray Bottle: Transparent glass body, Ø50x160mm with 64ml capacity. Spray a little oil on the foods you want. Get a more crisp and golden point in all your preparations.

Base for pizzas: with dimensions of Ø152x24mm, it is perfect for comfortably making small pizzas or mini-pizzas. With non-stick coating free of PFOA and PTFE.

Skewer Roast Rack: A barbecue-style rack with 3 skewers for quick and easy skewering. Made of stainless steel, it has dimensions of Ø152x70mm.

Baking container: Makes cakes, bread, or if you prefer you can bake meat and fish. With dimensions of Ø152x158mm, it is coated with non-stick material free of PFOA and PTFE, with a small handle for greater comfort.

Trivet: So that at any time you can bring the preparations to your table in complete safety, made with BPA-free silicone, it has dimensions of Ø145x4mm

All accessories have been manufactured with top quality materials, free of BPA, PFOA and PTFE.

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