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Pack consisting of the FRYER AIR SMART 5.5L oil-free air fryer and the following accessories: Small pizza base, a grill rack with 3 skewers, pot-type container for baking, silicone trivet, spray-type spray bottle for oil and a silicone mold for 7 muffins or scones. Increase the versatility of your oil-free air fryer and cook easier and healthier.


1 X FRYER AIR SMART 5.5L: Hot air fryer without oil and with programmable WiFi connectivity through our APP. You can put it to cook remotely, even before you get home. With 5.5L capacity, you get dishes that are just as tasty and crunchy, but in a much healthier way, without oils or fats. Plus, this oil-free air fryer already comes with 12 pre-installed recipes, LCD touch screen.

1 x Cupcake mold: to make up to 7 units at a time, made of Ø203x40mm BPA-free food grade silicone for cooking.

1 x Spray Bottle: Transparent glass body, Ø50x160mm with 64ml capacity. Spray a little oil on the foods you want. Get a more crisp and golden point in all your preparations.

1 x Pizza base: with dimensions of Ø203x26mm, it is perfect for comfortably making small individual pizzas. With non-stick coating free of PFOA and PTFE.

1 x Skewer Roast Rack: A barbecue-style rack with 3 skewers for quick and easy skewering. Made of stainless steel, it has dimensions of Ø203x70mm.

1 x Container for baking: Makes cakes, bread, or if you prefer you can bake meat and fish. With dimensions of Ø203x172mm, it is coated with non-stick material free of PFOA and PTFE, with a small handle for greater comfort.

1 x Trivet : So that at any time you can bring the preparations to your table in complete safety, made with BPA-free silicone, it has dimensions of Ø175x5mm.

All accessories have been manufactured with top quality materials, free of BPA, PFOA and PTFE.

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