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Silicone electric toothbrush, a more comfortable, gentle and effective way to clean your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene. A design that combines sonic vibration technology with silicone to achieve a clean mouth and much whiter teeth without damaging the gums or enamel.


It acts in a less aggressive and abrasive way than with conventional brushes, which is why it is ideal for everyone but, above all, for children or people with tooth sensitivity.

Clean and cared for teeth and gums with all the softness and effectiveness of silicone that, unlike conventional bristle toothbrushes, does not scratch the enamel or damage the gums, more effectively removing dirt from teeth, gums and tongue.

Micro-sweep vibration and sonic wave technology to remove dental plaque and bacteria from tooth surfaces.

The silicone in the brush bristles is antibacterial as it is non-porous, which prevents the microscopic accumulation of bacteria on its surface. Plus, the silicone bristles are BPA-free.