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Tabletop Fan and Air Purifier with wireless mobile charger, also has speakers and Bluetooth to listen to your music. Filter the air in your room or office while recharging your mobile. High efficiency thanks to its compound filter of ultraviolet light and HEPA filter. Ultraviolet light is an effective and powerful bactericide and PM 2.5 particle remover. Small, compact and very quiet so you can also use it while you sleep.


Purifies: Combining an ultraviolet light filter and a HEPA 13 filter. Together they eliminate 99.9% of the germs, mites, dust and odors present in the environment. Also PM 2.5 particles, methanol and VOC (volatile organic components).

Small and powerful : With 3 speeds and sleep mode, it has the capacity to purify rooms of up to 12m², with a particle CADR (clean air production rate) of up to 50m³ / h.

Versatile: In addition to purifying, you can use it as a table fan, wireless mobile charger, and it has a digital touch screen and Bluetooh connection with speakers so you can play the content of your mobile device.

Silent: It is perfect for small rooms, offices or rooms where you need to purify the stale air. In addition, it is very quiet: 52db at full power.