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Small, practical and easy to transport and handle. It sprays the product with its spray, and vacuums it while cleaning the glass, without mixing the dirty water with the clean one to avoid having to change it while cleaning.


Vacuum and clean at the same time: Avoiding drips, marks and dirt
Autonomy of 30 min , covering a cleaning surface per load of about 120 m². The battery recharges in about 2.5 hours.
All in 1: Equivalent to the sponge, cloth, bucket of water, and squeegee. Includes a sprayer with tank and cloth and suede.
Easy to use and clean: Spray the product using its spray bottle and use the electric glass cleaner to vacuum it while cleaning the glass. Intuitive to use, with 3 cleaning modes. Rinse the cloth and chamois under the tap when done.
Light and portable: with a weight of 650g and the autonomy of its battery, you can transport it and use it at home, the car, your business, etc.
Hygienic: With an easily removable 200 ml tank, which avoids contact with dirty water.