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Upright vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners are the latest trend in household cleaning. These are versatile, light and handy appliances easily adaptable to all types of surfaces. Stick vacuums have great suction power to leave your home perfectly cleaned. Keep your home free of dust and dirt!

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For most people, cleaning is a necessary evil. However, good equipment  makes it all difference between getting a job done quickly and effectively. One such must-have equipment is a vacuum cleaner and not just any but an upright vacuum cleaner.

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Choosing the best upright vacuum 

The options are between cylinder and upright vacuums. To arrive at the best choice, it is important to consider the features on the different types and cleaners and their pros and cons:

  • Upright cleaners are the most popular because they are overall easy to control and to store. They are also over for how well they clean carpets because of the brush bar that makes it easy to get to corners, nooks and crannies. A motorized brush cleans carpets much better compared to those  that rely on suction only. This type of vacuum cleaners has a switch that can be used to deactivate the brush when cleaning bare floors.  When you go out to a vacuum cleaner go for one with a manual control for adjusting  to suit carpet pile height and for controlling suction power when cleaning draperies and other soft furnishings. 

Bag or bagless upright vacuum cleaners?

  • Another option you will come across when choosing an upright vacuum cleaner is whether you want  a bagged or bagless one. Many opt to a bagless vacuum cleaner. Bagless vacuum cleaners have bins rather than bags to avoid the cost of buying bags.  Bagless cleaners need one to have more filters that need periodic cleaning. Others use HEPA filters that need to be replaced after a time.  Apart from the advantage of cost, bagless cleaners are also a better option because  with the bagless ones, suction power goes down as the bag fills up.

Bagless cleaners either have a filter in the dust canister which traps dirt or they are powered by cyclonic actioyou heathich separates the dust from the air and holds it in the canister. If you hear cylinder vacuum cleaner when you go out shopping, this is what it means. Another advantage of bagless cleaners is that they have a clear canister so you can see all the dirt that is being picked up. If something is accidentally picked up, you can see it and pick it up. You will also be able to see when the canister is full and needs to be emptied.

  • Those who champion upright cleaners especially laud the stick vacuum cleaner. They can be adjusted to suit the height of different users and they are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and get into corners. Even better is the cordless upright vacuum. Buy a cordless vacuum and you can work around a room and on different floors of a house without having to plug in the cleaner into different sockets as you move around.
  • Another convenience you want as you do your vacuuming is to be able to take care of  furniture and soft furnishings at the same time. Today's modern cleaners come with attachments or features that make it easy to detach a handheld vacuum from the frame of the upright cleaner. This way you can whizz through vacuuming a sofa, bed frame and drapes before finishing with the floor.  However, you still have the choice to handheld vacuum if you so wish. 

If you are like most people, you get your vacuuming done on certain days of the week. However, dust and dirt collect everyday especially in a household with young ones and pets. However, there is a way to stay on top of daily dirt and it is with a robotic vacuum cleaner. Buy a robot vacuum and let it run to collect dirt. When you get to doing your vacuuming, there will be less dirt to collect. Are you seeking for a robotic vacuum cleaner? Have a look to our Black Friday robot vacuum cleaners offers and choose the one you like the most at irresistible prices. 

Get it right and make work light

A hardworking vacuum cleaner will make light work of keeping your home clean. Get the best stick vacuum that you can; it is a worthwhile investment.