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Handheld vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are the most practical and functional solution to eliminate household dust and dirt. Its compact and lightweight design makes it possible to reach the most remote corners of each room, achieving an optimal finish.

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A handheld vacuum is an extremely useful tool for eventful homes. They are compact and lightweight gadgets that can be ingeniously stowed, thus you shall constantly have them available. They normally come with specific nozzles that can handle a variety of areas and debris inside the home.

From your home's furnishing or surfaces, they can capture various sorts of dirt, particles and dust. If you sense as though there are numerous spillages and messes inside your household; if there are several areas that don't get touched by the typical upright vacuum cleaner or if you are searching for a stress-free solution to dirty cars. Then acquiring the best handheld vacuum shall be of great benefit. There are different shapes of vacuum cleaners which include handheld vacuums, robot vacuums, cordless vacuums and cylinder vacuum cleaners.

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Key features to consider in finding the best Handheld Vacuum

  • Weight
  • Voltage, charging and battery run-time
  • Price
  • Accessories
  • Dirt receptacle
  • Corded or cordless

Types of Handheld Vacuums 

There are several kinds of handheld vacuum cleaners. One can find cordless ones that operate on batteries that can be recharged and normally last up to 2 hours after charging.

The corded types come with variable cord lengths that are either coiled or retractable. The most regular cord length of the hand vac is around 16 and 20 feet.

In addition, numerous of the innovative models feature the apt add-ons to handle those unexpected clutters.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Benefits

  • Mobility: The handheld machine can be employed nearly wherever, be it at home or in your workplace. Furthermore, one can carry it outdoors for wiping rubbish from the floor of the garage or vacuuming the carpet of your vehicle. To guarantee maximum transportability some models come with a cord system that is retractable. However, the most convenient handheld vacs operate devoid of a cable. The only issue is that you need to charge the machine or use rechargeable batteries. However, the wireless system is an important benefit.
  • Easy to Carry: Virtually all the handheld cleaners feature a handle for carrying. Since these cleaners are quite light, you shall not have any worry in handling them. Consequently, they offer great manoeuvrability.
  • Practicality: With a conventional cleaner it is problematic to reach the tight corners of your home. On the other hand, the handheld vacuum shall permit you reach such places which are else unreachable by other vacuums. For instance, it shall be capable to clean dirt from the furniture corners, behind bookshelves or beneath the bed.

Moreover, you can purchase a wireless vacuum if you are disappointed of employing the corded machines. They are reasonably convenient. In addition, they have less involvedness plus outstanding manoeuvrability as well.


A handheld vacuum can be an extremely beneficial addition to eventful households. These gadgets can aid with a plethora of errands. They are compact and lightweight so one can keep them nearby for whichever spills, caused by kids, pets or careless people in your house.

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