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Rediscover the pleasure of cooking in the simplest form, quickly and without complications, while maintaining all the flavor and nutritional properties of your favorite dishes. Whether you are a lover of traditional cuisine or prefer more gourmet stlye cooking, with the new CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO cooking robot from IKOHS you can prepare of all those delicious recipes that you can imagine. CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO steams, kneads, fries, cooks, sautées, grinds, and many other options by simply selecting the time and degree of cooking. Become an authentic and creative chef and surprise your friends and family with delicious dishes, including a complete recipe book with 100 recipes, created specifically for your CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO!

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Can you imagine cooking up to 3 dishes at once with just one appliance? CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO is capable of that and much more. Forget using multiple kitchen utensils that you will have to clean later, with the intelligent cooking robot CHEFBOT COMPACT and its STEAM BASKET you will be able to cook quickly and healthily, with barely dirtying anything. A multi-functional kitchen robot that can do everything and that you can use, for example, as a bread-making machine at home: put the ingredients and accessories needed to make the bread dough and then finish it off in your oven. You can also prepare any kind of dough for cakes, pizza or pastries. In just a few minutes and without effort, you will get the dough in the perfect place to give it the shape you want and take it to your oven. Get ready to start enjoying your kitchen again:

- A compact machine of great capacity: Up to 3,5L (Total capacity 3,5L, cooking capacity 2,3L.) It is very easy to store and above all to clean. With a more compact body and engine design than any others. You can cook for yourself or the whole family in just a few minutes, and then clean and store without effort or hassle.

- Total control thanks to its transparent splash-proof resistant lid: with a steam outlet regulator. Now you can see everything going on in your kitchen robot, smell the aromas coming from your favourite dishes and prepare to enjoy them.

- Double Steam Basket allows you to cook in 3 levels at the same time: Now you simultaneously can make a sauce, steam a fish and its garnish. Cook up to three healthier and tastier dishes thanks to the versatility of this simultaneous food cooking system.

- 13 cooking utensils in 1: CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO replaces a pot, pan, thermos, blender, steamer, mincer, pastry mixer, rice cooker, kneader, grater, slicer, coffee grinder and yoghurt maker. Save time, money and space, you no longer have to use several utensils to cook fast and rich food, your compact kitchen robot is ready for everything.

- 23 cooking functions and options at your service: cook, cook at low temperature, sauté, grind, pica, boil, steam in 3 levels, stir slowly without breaking down the ingredients, fry, grind, confit, blanch, ferment, mix, beat, emulsify, keep hot, water bath cooking, simmer, grate, slice and powder. It also has a Turbo function. As you can see,it has all the magic of the kitchen in just one device.

- Food Processor Reversible cutting disc exclusive to CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO: the only one that allows you to grate, peel and slice while you cook, without having to stop or move food from one place to another. Prepare a sauté or just a salad with the push of a button.

** The "Food Processor" lid is only suitable to be used with the slicing discs, it is not designed for any other type of use (cooking, whisking, etc.). It should only be used as a food processor and must be replaced by the main lid to continue cooking.

- Swap blades quickly with the Quick Slice System: Thanks to its intelligent design you can exchange its sturdy stainless steel blades, capable of chopping up ice, with which you can crush, blitz, etc., without removing the bowl or disassembling anything.

- 1 spatula that stirs without breaking up the food: ideal for when you want a stew cooked over a low heat and needs a lot of care. Notice the flavor of the dishes and unbeatable results for when you are not in a hurry.

- 1 butterfly whisk for emulsifying, whipping and mixing: The special accessory for baking is used to whip egg whites or cream, aerate textures and stir or whip ingredients that do not need to be crushed. You can also use it for your cocktails and drinks.

- The heart of your kitchen: its 3.5L bowl (2.3L cooking capacity): Made from the highest quality stainless steel and designed so that all other features and accessories cook to perfection alongside it.

- All the accessories and materials of the CHEFBOT COMPACT STEAMPRO are free of BPA and other toxins: guaranteed for your health and hygiene. They are also suitable for the dishwasher (except the stainless steel bowl). In addition, it is very easy to remove for deep cleaning.

- Recipe book with 100 new recipes adapted by Mónica Escudero: Culinary critic and foodie famous for being a member of "El Comidista". From appetizers to desserts, dishes and cocktails. Daily recipes which are both creative and international. A recipe book for all tastes: methods, tips and tricks, etc.