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Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that sucks up solids and liquids on all types of surfaces. It is ergonomic and ultralight. In addition, this vacuum cleaner has an energy efficient design with a fiber filter that removes allergens.

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It reaches a power of 4 kPa of vacuum.
Efficient : It vacuums all types of surfaces, even the most stubborn dirt and has a low-consumption battery, which allows space charges.
Multi-surface suction of solids and liquids.
PRO-Ion Lithium-Ion battery with an autonomy of up to 12 minutes at maximum power that needs less than 4 hours to complete a charge cycle.
Easy to clean, with easily removable tank.
Cleans and purifies the air : Its fiber filter purifies the dirty air sucked in to return it clean of germs and mites, which will remain in the tank.