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Cyclonic vacuum cleaner and dual cordless broom type mop with 20 kPa suction, HEPA H13 filter and a 2600mAh Li-ion battery. Quickly clean all types of surfaces eliminating allergens and purifying the air. Vacuum cleaner, dual mop that is also convertible into a handheld vacuum cleaner. It has multiple accessories: A rotating central brush, a special self-propelled brush for vacuuming mites and pollen from upholstery, another for pet hair, a car brush, a special accessory for vacuuming corners and crevices, a furniture brush and a flexible tube. In addition, it also has two mops.

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Versatile multi-surface cordless vacuum cleaner and mop, with a 200W DC-Cyclonic motor that achieves a vacuum power of 20 kPa.

Double mop head: Cleans, scrubs and waxes hardwood, tile and stone floors effortlessly and without damaging surfaces. Cordless electric mop with 2 rotating heads, dry or wet clean (scrub and wax).

Includes the following accessories: A flexible tube to vacuum comfortably and ergonomically under furniture, a motorized brush capable of sucking up mites, pollen and dust from upholstery, another for furniture that does not damage or scratch surfaces, a brush designed to vacuuming and cleaning your pets' hair, a special accessory for cleaning corners and crevices, a special brush for the car, a rotating central brush.

Autonomy: Its 2600 mAh, 5-cell battery lasts 45 min and has a light indicator of the remaining charge. No need for cables or suction bags.

Efficient: Vacuums all types of surfaces, both horizontally and vertically, even the most stubborn dirt. Silent even at full power.

It is controlled with one hand, both in mop and vacuum mode, it allows different vacuuming options: Hand vacuum, broom mode, and vertical vacuum. With led lighting in the head to clean dark corners or under furniture.

Reaches everywhere: It has interchangeable brushes and an extendable tube. Its articulated head 270 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically, together with its central rotating brush, descales and absorbs the most difficult dirt.

Multi-surface: cleans floors, rugs, carpets, upholstery, walls, ceiling and floor. It is especially respectful of parquet, wood and flooring, without scratching or damaging them while you vacuum or double mop.

Easy to clean, both its 360ml container for dust and the 250ml container for mop water, are easily disassembled and exchanged. It can be cleaned with a soft brush or warm water. You don't need special bags to vacuum.

Cleans and purifies the environment: Its HEPA H13 interlaced microfiber filter + microperforated pre-filter system purifies the dirty air sucked in to return it clean of germs and mites, which will remain in the tank.

It also includes a vertical support that serves as a charging and storage point.