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Bagless vacuum cleaners

Do you want to keep your home cleaned and polished in a quick and effortless way? In that case, a bagless vacuum cleaner will be your best option. These are elements composed of HEPA filters that guarantee an integral dust suction preventing it from being returned to the environment.

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A bagless vacuum cleaner is the newest trend in the world of vacuum cleaners. Most users find it easier to use and maintain. Many times, replacement bags run out when they are needed the most and stocking them up can be a challenge. It is no wonder most bagless cleaning machines receive overwhelming customer reviews.

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Reasons for choosing a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The benefits of a bagless vacuum cleaner differ from one model to the other but there are common merits they bring to the user.

  • Less costly in terms of maintenance: Unlike the bagged design that constantly requires new bags, a bagless chamber can be emptied over and over.
  • Easier to monitor the operation: The user can tell whether it's effectively picking dirt or not and know the right time to empty.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Nothing superfluous will be tossed away together with the dirt. The canister can be emptied straight to the compost pit.
  • Stronger suction power: The suction power remains constant since there is no bag to fill up. Again, the operation is less messy and hardly clogs.

Different Bagless Vacuum Options

When the house is a mess and visitors are coming around, the best option is to go bagless with vacuuming. Some bagless devices offer anti-bacterial protection features to minimise allergens and dust mites. It is important to look for other qualities like manoeuvrability, noise level, dust capacity, and pet hair tools. In order to make cleaning more convenient you can choose between different options: 

  • Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner: Usually smaller than upright counterparts, a cylinder vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for small spaces. It is designed to manoeuvre with ease around compact spaces that are not occupied. Cleaning stairs, hard floors, and carpets is a breeze. Also, a bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner is specially designed to eliminate pet hair.
  • Upright vacuum: This traditional vacuuming machine moves back and forth with ease. An upright vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction and a tilt-and-push function. It is most suitable for the deep cleaning of carpets. The good thing is that the height can be adjusted to clean rugs of varied pile thickness. The machine's brush roll is turned off to clean bare floors. But an attachment is needed to reach tight corners.
  • Cordless vacuum: With a slim-line and portable design, a cordless vacuum is particularly convenient for whipping dust round the room. Lack of a cord means that the device is not restricted to areas near the power sockets. It is suitable for small apartments as well as awkward jobs like car cleaning and stairs.
  • Robotic Vacuum: A cool robotic machine maps a dirty room and zips it to sweep off the dirt. Some varieties can wet-clean the floor with zero human effort. A robot vacuum uses a remote control and may be programmed to clean even when the homeowner is away. One thing that robotic cleaner can be counted for is in-between house touch-ups as it can get underneath furniture and difficult areas. Are you seeking for a robotic vacuum cleaner? Have a look to our Black Friday robot vacuum cleaners offers and choose the one you like the most at irresistible prices. 
  • Handheld vacuums: It is a small unit that grabs dirt on the go. Very lightweight in nature, a handheld vacuum can either be cordless or corded with or without the rotating brush. Their best use is in wiping off minor messes on floors, car interiors, furniture pieces, and hard-to-reach corners. Many corded versions feature a car adapter but cordless style is the most convenient.                         

Key Takeaways of a bagless vacuum cleaner

There are many reasons to consider a bagless vacuum as a popular option. Firstly, you don't need replaceable bags now and then. Disposing of the debris is made easier since you can empty the canister as many times as you want. Moreover, there is no worry if you accidentally vacuum a valuable item since the chamber can be opened up to retrieve it.