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Cylinder vacuum cleaners

A cylinder vacuum cleaner is a device of great power and effectiveness capable of sucking dust and retaining it in its filters to prevent it from spilling back into the environment. Its compact design and ease of use ensures an optimal and comfortable cleaning daily!

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    What is a Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner?

    A cylinder vacuum cleaner is a household device that uses suction to clean floors and other areas around the home. There are a variety of different styles of cylinder vacuums to choose from making it easy to select one that best suits the need of your home. 

    Cylinder vacuums and other styles

    A cordless vacuum can make housework a breeze. Without being constrained by cords, you can vacuum the entire house using the lightweight device. Although they are not usually as powerful as corded vacuums, they offer a host of benefits such as portability, ease of storage, smaller size and being suitable for awkward jobs such as the car or stairs. 

    A robot vacuum really can make light work of your housework. Robot vacuums can be connected to your home's WiFi so you can control them through an app wherever you are. You can program the vacuum to work at specific times or days. The vacuum will clean your floors even when you are not at home for the ultimate convenience. Are you seeking for a robotic vacuum cleaner? Have a look to our Black Friday robot vacuum cleaners offers and choose the one you like the most at irresistible prices. 

    Many upright vacuum cleaners come without a dust collection bag. A bagless vacuum cleaner takes away the hassle of having to change bags when they are full, that can save both time and money. Bagless vacuums collect the dust in an (often transparent) compartment and can be emptied into the bin when you see it is full. However, dustbags in vacuums tend to hold a much greater capacity than a bagless vacuum can. This will result in you having to empty the vacuum much more regularly, often after every use. A cylinder vacuum cleaner with a bag can greatly reduce the number of times you need to empty your vacuum. 

    A cyclone vacuum offers great cleaning performance with no loss of suction. Dirt, dust, and debris are pulled from the floor by a strong suction of air that swirls in a cyclonic motion. A cyclone vacuum cleaner is also more environmentally friendly which will please the eco-friendly buyer. With no need to purchase bags and greater energy efficiency, the cyclone vacuum is great for those looking to reduce their energy consumption and impact on the environment.

    Cylinder Vacuum Benefits

    There are a number of benefits to using a cylinder vacuum. With such a wide range of different vacuums available, how do you know which one to choose? A cylinder vacuum cleaner offers a number of pros that make them a great choice.

    • Compared to a handheld vacuum, they offer greater cleaning power and a larger capacity meaning you empty them less often.
    • A cylinder vacuum is extremely versatile with a long hose and a separate body. The hose will come with different attachments making it great for cleaning different floor types and hard to reach areas such as under couches, tables or beds, corners and even stairs.
    • Cylinder vacs tend to be small and compact, making them easy to store away when not in use whereas an upright vacuum cleaner will need to be placed on charge when not in use.
    • They are ideal for different floor types. They can glide smoothly over hard floors without scratching them, and are great on both short and long pile carpets.

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