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Specific filter for the water tank humidifier of the 8-stage AIR PURE ADVANCE Air Purifier. This filter has been designed as a replacement or replacement for this model of air purifier and is part of the 8-stage high quality air filtration process.

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The humidification effect of the air increases the relative humidity of the environment, achieving that many micro particles of dust and pole remain attached to the water molecules in suspension, in this way the filters of the purifier are much more effective.

The humidification of the air, together with the multiple air filtration, as well as the production of negative ions, are able to effectively reduce many of the symptoms of people with respiratory allergies.

The evaporative humidification effect increases in conjunction with the speed at which our AIR PURE ADVANCE air purifier operates, and decreases when it operates at low speed.

When the level of the water tank of our purifier is low or is about to run out, the light with the water icon will turn red and will flash to warn us that water needs to be replenished.